Washroom Solution Saves

Water, Time and Money

Sustainability and resource efficiency are a growing concern across the world. Many organisations are striving to reduce their negative environmental impact and in the process if possible save money by using less energy and natural resources.

However, an area that organisations often over-look when assessing their environmental impact is the washroom, which accounts for around 65% of water used in the average office.

So what considerations can be made to reduce water usage in the washroom?


Whilst there are numerous ways to save water, one consideration should be the choice of foam hand sanitisers.


Brytalife® foam soaps biodegrade more easily and do not harm the natural environment.

Many public washrooms are so unhygienic and unhealthy that you would be better taking your chances with what’s on your hands rather than touching the tap and soap dispenser or using the dubious hand dryers.

​So why do we have to wash hands every day? Well based on research, there can be more than ten thousand bacteria on unwashed hands.

Touch points in public places are a huge risk and a concern for our personal health. We know hand hygiene is important but if we have to risk our health by overexposing ourselves to high risk touch points perhaps it’s better not to wash.

Even so, we should all wash hands regularly. Washing hands after going to the toilet is very important. However facilities need to create an environment that makes hand washing and good hygiene easy and safe. Creating hygienic washrooms makes a facility safer, reducing incidents of sickness and gives staff, guests, students and visitors a healthier, happier and more impressive germ free experience.

Touch-free Brytalife®  hand foam sanitiser systems are designed to protect you continuously with up to 24hrs free from pathogens even after normal hand washing. Brytalife® Fresche hand foam sanitiser is a must in the washroom of any modern organisation where visitor’s health and hygiene as well as your staff and your own good health are of upmost importance.